The IV Version of the M.Sc. WASTE International Symposium Transition to a Sustainable Future, was intended to provide a networking opportunity for professionals and sustainability enthusiastic personnel to discuss and considered the following topics : 

What is a smart city?

What must be done in or order to make a city ‘’smart“? 

Which are the renewable energy sources?

How is green energy being developed? 

What are the roles of society, industries, and government in the circular economy? How have the technologies evolved in the industry during the last years?

 The First step to addressing such questions is to hold in-depth discussions on the subject. The symposium was aimed at a coalition point for international speakers to share their experiences working with Smart Cities, EnergyTransition, and Circular Economy. Students were also welcomed to contribute to and foster the Symposium through the Call for research posters and papers, where they are invited to present their work. The best research was awarded. Further details regarding the event registration and deadlines could be found in this brochure. The Symposium was organized by the International Master of Science “Air Quality Control, Solid Waste, and Waste Water Process Engineering (WASTE) – University of Stuttgart”. The registration form must be ­filled up via our webpage: Upon successful registration you shall receive the invitation link to our webinar.

International speakers had research and industry-oriented presentations to share their experience and knowledge in the field of sustainability and to provide fresh insights about their national contexts.The core international conferences will be framed in the following topics: 

Circular Economy – ‘Trending technologies and processes’. 

Smart Cities – “The future of integrated and smart management”

EnergyTransition – “Sources of renewable energy and waste to energy technologies’ 

Information Brochure IV International Symposium 2020