Excursion to Zugspitze – Dairies of an environmental engineer

I am right now at Zugspitze (the highest mountain in Germany) in the environmental Research Facility Schneefernhaus, where as a part of a worldwide network the big questions about our Earth’s atmosphere and our interaction with it are faced. It has been a long way here, and every second of this journey has been memorable for an environmental engineer like me.

The initial trip was terrific, smooth, fun and fast despite the long distance from Stuttgart to Garmish Partenkirchen where we found our first destination: The institute of Meteorology and Climate Research/Atmospheric Environment Research (IMK-IFU). A modern institute with top technology for climate change research as well as a quiet place full of inviting smart people.

After a small tour in the installations we traveled farther to the Austrian side of the base of the mountain Ehnwald, where we had a relaxing evening with Italian dishes and ice cream, accompanied by the sight of the beautiful Alpine Landscapes.

After a night of rest came the true challenge: The ascent. Early morning, we entered the resort at the base to begin the almost 7-hour hike. The walk was full of alpine landscapes, herding animals and friendly people to whom on does not get tired of saying “Servus”. It was a truly hard climb only made possible thanks to the experience of Apl. Prof. Dr. -Ing. Baumbach, who managed to take even the least experiences here.

Now, tired but excited we rest in the empty facility, isolated from the rest of the world, playing card games with a nice dinner, ready to learn tomorrow about the research being done here and around the world and later head to the meteorological research center the actual highest point in Germany. Once we are done with science, we will have a fun afternoon at the gorgeous Eibsee and finally go home with a memorable trip with a lot of stories to tell.

Eugenio Arellano

Image courtesy of wcsiteadmin | WASTE Club e.V.

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